International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED)

Audio-Visual Instructions for Authors:

ISQED'24 will be conducted in a hybrid format. This means you can choose to present your paper either remotely via zoom or by attending and presenting in person. Regardless of your attendance choice, you MUST submit your pre-recorded presentation to ISQED by March 28th to

The preferred presentation format is Microsoft PowerPoint with voice narration, which is available in two file types: .pptx and .ppsx. Additionally, you may convert your presentation into an MP4 format. Before submission, please test your presentation to ensure it functions correctly, the volume level is adequate, and the sound is clear and audible.

Please name your presentation file to consist of your paper ID as shown in the technical program from the following link, followed by “-ISQED-2024”. To access the technical program and identify your paper ID please visit:

For example presentation name can be something like: 1A1-ISQED-2024.pptx, 3B5-ISQED-2024.mp4, etc. This will make it easy for the session chair to locate your paper. For examples, please visit the link of presentations for ISQED 2023 below:

Zoom links for the conference will be sent to authors well in advance. Even if you are not presenting your paper in person and we are playing your presentation file, if your time zone permits, we encourage you to be available to answer any questions from the audience after your presentation. The total presentation duration for regular papers is 20 minutes, and for poster and Work-In-Progress (WIP) papers, it is 5 minutes.

We recommend shortening your presentation by 2 minutes to leave time for Q/A. Also, add a slide at the end showing where listeners should address any questions they might have later after the event. Few weeks after the conference we will make a link in the program to your presentation and share the link with all participants. To view last ISQED's presentations please click here. Email your presentation to If the file size is too large and you are not able to email your filed, save in your google docs or OneDrive and email the link instead.

The procedure for recording your presentation is outlined in the following link: How record narration and timings

The file can be also saved as a video as shown in the following link: How turn your presentation into a video


Guidelines for slide formats is as follows:

  • Add 1~2 slides at the begenning of your presentation to include your paper title and authors, conference name, speakers's headshot and bio.
  • Add one slide at the end of your presentation with your contact information.
  • Add ISQED'24 logo to the footer of all your slides.
  • Use Large, Bold fonts as much as possible.
  • Use fonts that display well at low resolution. Sans-serif fonts such as Arial and Helvetica work better than ones with detailed features (serifs) such as Times.
  • Avoid using busy foils, try one idea per slide and use less text and more images and photos
  • Use simple and contrasting colors. Avoid using red over blue or vise versa
  • Pay attention to contrast, employ light-on-dark, or dark-on-light in all text and diagrams