International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED)

Evening Panel Discussion and Dinner

Tuesday March 23, 2010
Tets Maniwa
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Mentor Graphics

Long Life Cycle Design - Is It Really Different from Traditional CE?

The rapid advancement in electronics technology has resulted in traditional consumer electronics (CE) products enjoying a peak market sales cycle of 6 mos, a typical sales life cycle of 18 mos, and a functional product life cycle prior to replacement/ obsolescence of 24-30 mos. Traditional CE devices also enjoy a relatively short operational duty cycle. Products in this category include digital cameras, cell phones, laptops/MIDs, and portable music players. Content creation, content capture, live performance and transportation (automotive, aircraft, watercraft) and now white goods electronics are targeted for much longer life cyles (typically 5-30 years). Military and space level electronics have different component sets and design practices for their application. The panel will discuss, review, and address - are the design practices any different from traditional CE or is it the business model and supply chain that allows these products to support the extended life cycle.


Henry Juszkiewicz - Gibson

Ramanan Thiagarajah - Inphi Corp

Michael White - Mentor Graphics

Peter McGuinness - Imagination Technology

Bruno Pati - Sezmi