A SPICE-based Emulator Framework for Quantum Error Correction Circuits using classical LC Resonators

Md Mazharul Islam1, Md. Shafayat Hossain2, Ahmedullah Aziz3
1The University of Tennessee, 2Princeton University, 3University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Quantum error correction (QEC) is vital for protecting quantum information against errors induced by quantum noise and decoherence, enabling fault-tolerant quantum computation. Here, we develop a SPICE-based classical emulator framework for simulating gate-based quantum error correction circuits for correcting bit-flip error and phase-flip error. Here, we construct a SPICE-based classical emulator framework to simulate gate-based quantum error correction circuits, specifically designed to correct both bit-flip and phase-flip errors. In our framework, a collection of LC-oscillators emulates the process behavior quantum gates. Each quantum state is perfectly described by the phase and amplitude of each oscillator. Our framework is scalable to any quantum error correction system with any arbitrary number of qubits since each gate process is perfectly achieved. Finally, we have successfully conducted simulations for bit-flip and phase-flip error correction circuits, demonstrating the capability of our framework to effectively address and repair random bit-flip and phase-flip errors in gate-based quantum computing circuits.