SCIP to the Next Generation of Computing: Extending More than Moore with Silicon Photonics Chiplets in Package (SCIP)

Vivek Raghunathan, Karl Muth, Bapiraju Vinnakota, Prasad Venugopal, Rebecca Schaevitz, Manish Mehta


The migration of critical workloads into the cloud and the introduction of new services processing large amounts of data is motivating a need for purpose-built (AI/ML) fabrics that will require new scale-up and scale-out compute and networking architectures. Furthermore, as the ratio of AI workloads to standard workloads increases, memory utilization is emerging as a key factor in infrastructure total cost of ownership (TCO). Silicon Photonics Chiplets in Package (SCIP) interconnect technology platforms promise to remove both copper reach limitations and the optical I/O bandwidth density bottlenecks thereby enabling memory disaggregation, memory pooling and composable architectures to improve memory utilization efficiency and optimize TCO. In this paper, we present the performance of the SCIP I/O and provide vectors of scaling to meet the next generation compute needs.