Automatic Generation of Translators for Packet-Based and Emerging Protocols

Brian Crafton1, Arijit Raychowdhury1, Sung Kyu Lim2
1Georgia Institute of Technology, 2Georgia Tech


A recent trend in open source hardware and chiplet-based IP reuse faces a key obstacle: protocol standardization. Hardware interfaces lack flexibility and require designers to follow a strict behavior when implementing IP. The rigid nature of hardware interfaces prevents IP reuse, a critical challenge in integrating a plethora of emerging open source IP. To mitigate these challenges, we propose a tool to automatically synthesize translators between arbitrary IP blocks. Using a protocol description language (PDL), we model protocols such that they can be interpreted as finite state machines (FSM). Next, we design algorithms to map and schedule transactions between these protocols, generating a single integrated state machine which serves as a translator between the two protocols. Lastly, we convert our integrated state machine into readable RTL (Verilog) and perform functional verification. Our flow has been implemented, tested, and proven on 12 protocol pairs with unique behavior.