Diverse Knowledge Distillation (DKD): A Solution for Improving The Robustness of Ensemble Models Against Adversarial Attacks

Ali Mirzaeian1, Jana Kosecka1, Homan Homayoun2, Tinoosh Mohsenin3, Avesta Sasan1
1George Mason University, 2University of California, Davis, 3University of Maryland, Baltimore County


This paper proposes an ensemble learning model that is resistant to adversarial attacks. To build resilience, we introduced a training process where each member learns a radically distinct latent space. Member models are added one at a time to the ensemble. Simultaneously, the loss function is regulated by a reverse knowledge distillation, forcing the new member to learn different features and map to a latent space safely distanced from those of existing members. We assessed the security and performance of the proposed solution on image classification tasks using CIFAR10 and MNIST datasets and showed security and performance improvement compared to the state of the art defense methods.