3D IC Packaging Utilizing a Metal structure for Heat Reduction, Noise Shielding, and High Interconnect Density

Nahid Mirzaie and Ronald Rohrer
Southern Methodist University


A three-dimensional (3D) microelectronic package structure is proposed to address thermal management by reducing noise and crosstalk. The packaging architecture includes an array of through-silicon-vias (TSVs) located inside an interposer layer with a shielding structure. Each of the TSVs is surrounded by a metal box as a heat spreader and noise/distortion shield. The metal shielding structure is electrically connected to the ground. The boxes also may be further connected to an external heat sink through at least several external contacts. The simulated results show significant improvement in terms of power reduction and signal integrity due to the suppressed coupling noise and crosstalk between adjacent TSVs, thereby reducing heat.