Hierarchical Dynamic Goal Management for IoT Systems

Axel Jantsch1, Arman Anzanpour2, Hedyeh Kolerdi1, Iman Azimi2, Lydia Chaido Siafara1, Amir M. Rahmani3, Nima TaheriNejad1, Pasi Liljeberg2, Nikil Dutt4
1TU Wien, 2University of Turku, 3University of California Irvine & TU Wien, 4UC Irvine


Abstract—As the Internet of Things (IoT) penetrates ever more application domains, many IoT-based systems are increasingly becoming more complex, versatile and resource-rich, and need to serve one or more applications with diverse and changing goals. These systems face new challenges in dynamic goal management due to a combination of limited shared resources, and multiple goals that may not only conflict with each other, but which may also change dynamically. We motivate the need for hierarchical, dynamic goal management for this class of complex IoT systems and substantiate our arguments with case studies from two application domains: patient health monitoring and Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPSs).