ISQED08 Best Papers

(Press Release)


A methodology for characterization of large macro cells and IP blocks considering process variations

Amit Goel1,  Sarma Vrudhula1,  Feroze Taraporevala2,  Praveen Ghanta2

1Arizona State University, 2Synopsys Inc.


Characterization of Standard Cells for Intra-Cell Mismatch Variations

Savithri Sundareswaran1,  Jacob Abraham2,  Alexandre Ardelea1,  Rajendran Panda1

1Freescale Semiconductor, 2University of Texas at Austin


Design Margin Exploration of Spin-Torque Transfer RAM (SPRAM)

Yiran Chen,  Xiaobin Wang,  Hai Li,  Hongyue Liu,  Dimitar Dimitrov

Seagate LLC

The ISQED 08 best paper awards were sponsored by Magma Design Automation Inc. ( and Synopsys Inc. (

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