Session 3A

3:30pm - 5:30pm


Modeling and simulations of Electromigration and Eletromagnetic Effect



Tom Chen, Col State - Ft. Collins
James Lei, Altera






3A-1    Physically-Based Simulation of Electromigration Induced Failures in Copper Dual-Damascene Interconnect
Valeriy Sukharev



3A-2    Circuit Level Reliability Analysis of Cu Interconnects
Syed M. Alam, Gan Chee Lip, Carl V. Thompson, and Donald E. Troxel



3A-3            A Methodology for Chip-Level Electromigration Risk Assessment and Product Qualification
Chanhee Oh, Haldun Haznedar, Vladimir Zolotov, Martin Gall, Amir Grinshpon, Pon Ku, Rajendran Panda



3A-4            Modeling and simulation of circuit-electromagnetic effects in electronic design flow
Pavel Nikitin, Vikram Jandhyala, Daniel White, Nathan Champagne, John D. Rockway, Richard Shi, Chuanyi Yang, Gong Ouyang, Yong Wang, Rob Sharpe, John W. Rockway
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