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Session 5B

Wednesday 3/22/00

3:25pm - 5:35pm


Design for Manufacturability


Co-Chairs: Glendy Sun, TSMC, Vinod Malhotra, Numerical Technologies





5B.1 Design And Variability, Or Why We Need To Get Closer To The Edge (Invited)

Sani R. Nassif, IBM Austin Research Laboratory, Austin, TX


5B.2 Realistic Worst-Case Modeling by Performance Level Principal Component Analysis

Alessandra Nardi*, Andrea Neviani*, Carlo Guardiani**, *DEI, Universita‘ di Padova, Padova, Italy, **PDF Solutions, Inc. San Jose, CA


5B.3 Efficient Full-Chip Yield Analysis Methodology for OPC-Corrected VLSI Designs

V. Axelrad*, N. Cobb**, M. O’Brien**, V. Boksha***, T. Do**, T. Donnelly**, Y. Granik**, E.Sahouria**, A. Balasinski****, *SEQUOIA Design Systems, Woodside, CA, **Mentor Graphics, San Jose, CA, ***MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA, ****Cypress Semiconductor, San Jose, CA


5B.4 Electronic Process Limited Yield

Gary W. Maier*, Shawn Smith**, *IBM, ** Knights


5B.5 Effects of Package Stackups on Microprocessor Performance

Mehdi Mechaik, Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA

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