An Energy Efficient Non-uniform Last Level Cache Architecture in 3D Chip-Multiprocessors

pooneh safayenikoo1, Arghavan Asad2, Mahmood Fathy2, Farah Mohammadi3
1School of Computer Engineering, iran university of science and technology, 2Iran University of Science and Technology, 3Ryerson University


In this paper, we propose a novel compression method called Zero-Duplicate Compression (ZDC) to compress network traffic and to increase lifetime in Non-Volatile Memories (NVMs) as a Last-Level-Cache (LLC). Moreover, we limit compression by a new mechanism called Selective Compression Architecture (SCA) to reduce delay overhead and static energy from compression/decompression. Our experiments show that the ZDC provides comparable compression ratio to two other state-of-the-art compression methods and the SCA improves energy consumption and performance by about 76% and 11%, on average, compared with the traditional architecture, respectively.