In&Out: Restructuring for Threshold Logic Network Optimization

Chia-Chun Lin1, Chiao-Wei Huang1, Chun-Yao Wang1, Yung-Chih Chen2
1Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, 2Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Yuan Ze University


Threshold logic attracts a lot of attention recently due to nanotechnology advances on its physical implementation. Hence, many previous works have focused on the synthesis of threshold logic networks from the Boolean functions. In this paper, we propose a tool, In&Out, which optimizes a threshold logic network from the physical implementation perspective. In&Out consists of two techniques: Add-in and Remove-out. The Add-in is to transform a threshold logic network into an implementation friendly network while the Remove-out is to remove redundant gates from the network. We conducted the experiments on a set of IWLS 2005 benchmarks. The experimental results show that the proposed tool can reduce the implementation cost of threshold networks up to 10% for the benchmarks.