Circuit Design for Beyond Von Neumann Applications Using Emerging Memory: From Nonvolatile Logics to Neuromorphic Computing

Meng-Fan (Marvin) Chang1, Wei-Hao Chen1, Win-San Khwa1, Jun-Yi Li1, Wei-Yu Lin1, Huan-Ting Lin1, Yongpan Liu2, Yu Wang2, Huaqiang Wu2, Huazhong Yang2
1National Tsing Hua University, 2Tsinghua University


Emerging memory devices enable performance improvements in memory applications and make possible chip designs using beyond von Neumann architectures. This paper explores the use of emerging memory devices in applications of nonvolatile logics and neuromorphic computing, and provides a review of several silicon examples of nonvolatile logics. This paper also discusses the challenges involved in the design of circuits for nonvolatile logics and neuromorphic computing systems based on emerging memory devices.